Vaccinations & Travel Health Advice

Travel Vaccinations

We provide a wide range of  vaccinations & travel health advice. Whether you are backpacking overland through South-East Asia or participating in a conservation trip in the rainforests of the Amazon, we have the knowledge and skills to guide and help you plan a safe journey.

Please note you will need a travel consultation before we can administer any travel vaccines. There is a small charge for this


Travel Health advice and consultation

Why do we charge for a travel health consultation? 

Travel health advice and vaccinations require expertise and specialist knowledge. Travel Klinix  is independent and not funded by the NHS, and so by charging a consultation fee we can provide a safe, high quality service. 

This unique service is led by Dr Gowda,  a consultant in infectious diseases and a specialist in international travel health, so you can be reassured that the service you will receive is expert, trusted and safe. 

As such, we believe that our low prices  ( link is … offer incredible value for money.

If you have a complex health problem then you may be charged a additional consultation fee. Please contact us for more information 


If you are travelling please fill in our Risk Assessment Form before your travel clinic appointment.

Not travelling?

Even if you are not travelling but would like help and advice on other vaccinations such as the shingles or BCG , we can advise on the suitability once we have undertaken a risk assessment of your personal circumstances. We are constantly expanding our range of products, so if you would like to know more please do not hesitate to contact us

Flu vaccination is now available for this winter. Would you like to be protected from Flu this year? Read more

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