Travel vaccinations

Travel Klinix can offer a wide range of travel vaccinations. You may want to take time out of university, de-stress and backpack overland through South-East Asia. Alternatively your school may be organising a cultural trip to Sri Lanka. Or, it may be that you simply want to let yourself go and have decided to join a conservation project in the rainforests of South America. Wherever you are travelling, we have the knowledge, expertise and skills to help you plan a safe journey.

Why Travel Klinix?

  • Consultant expertise: Travel Klinix is run by Dr Ravi Gowda, a consultant in infectious diseases and a specialist in tropical and travel medicine
  • Nursing excellence: Gemma Hicks is an experienced nursing sister having previously cared for patients with infections on a specialist ward
  • Unrivalled service: The only travel health clinic in the region with such expertise
  • Trust : You can therefore be reassured that you will receive the correct vaccinations for your trip and in a safe manner
  • Flexible appointments : We offer flexible same day, evening and weekend appointments
  • Accessible location with free parking
  • Professional and yet friendly service. See what our customers say: