Travel Vaccinations China

Travel Klinix offers a wide range of travel vaccinations. If you are travelling to China, you often need additional travel vaccinations to protect yourself from infections.

Why Travel Klinix?

  • Consultant expertise: Travel Klinix is run by Dr Ravi Gowda, a consultant in infectious diseases and a specialist in tropical and travel medicine
  • Nursing excellence: Gemma Hicks is an experienced nursing sister having previously cared for patients with infections on a specialist ward
  • Unrivalled service: The only travel health clinic in the region with such expertise
  • Trust : You can therefore be reassured that you will receive the correct vaccinations for your trip and in a safe manner
  • Flexible appointments : We offer flexible same day, evening and weekend appointments
  • Accessible location with free parking
  • Professional and yet friendly service. See what our customers say:
  • “Excellent personalised approach to travel ID protection. Highly recommended” – RK
  • “They are reassuring, calm, professional, friendly – I now feel ready to face any diseases the world cares to throw at me!” – SB

VaccinationAll travellersMost travellersSome travellersRoute of transmissionVaccine coursePrice
Hepatitis AYesContaminated food and waterCourse of twoPrice
YesPerson to
of open
food and
Single dosePrice
Hepatitis BYesBlood products, contaminated needles, sexual intercourseCourse of threePrice
Japanese encephalitisYesMosquitoesCourse of twoPrice
RabiesYesBites and scratches from animalsCourse of threePrice
Tick-Borne Encephalitis (TBE)YesPrice
TyphoidYesContaminated food and waterSingle dosePrice
TuberculosisYesPerson to personSingle dosePrice

Please be aware that information on this site does not constitute as medical advice and is merely for guidance. You should always seek specialist travel health advice before you travel.

The Travel Vaccinations you need for China may depend on:

  • Which areas you will be visiting
  • The time of the year of your trip
  • What kind of activities you will be participating in
  • Your age and general health
  • Your individual risk assessment

The table above is a general guide for travel vaccinations for China ( see our price list)

Who will be vaccinating you

Dr Gowda, Consultant in Infectious Diseases

Dr Gowda, Consultant in Infectious Diseases

Gemma Hicks, RGN, Nursing sister

Gemma Hicks, RGN, Nursing sister

Dr Gowda’s top tip for China

You should be aware that China has a zero tolerance for illegal drugs. Local police have raided nightclubs, bars and even private homes with a warning. If you are caught, you may even be given the death penalty.


Risk of malaria in China

Map of malaria risk China

Malaria Map

You are generally at very low risk of malaria in China, however, the risk is increased in the Southern Yunnan and Hainan provinces and other rural areas. For specialist travel health advice call Travel Klinix

Recommended malaria tablets for China

It is important you are aware of the risk of malaria and avoid mosquitoes bites when travelling in China. Depending on the nature and duration of your journey, you may still require malaria tablets. Please ask us for advice.

What is malaria?

Mosquitoes spread malaria by biting mainly from dusk till dawn. It is a serious and potentially llife-threatening infection. You are at risk of malaria in most of the tropical regions of the world but most cases occur in Sub Saharan Africa. In 2015 there were 212 million malaria cases with an estimated 429,000 deaths. 90% of these cases and 92% of malaria deaths are in Africa.

Malaria symptoms

This can be anything but the most common malaria symptoms are fever, chills, headache and overwhelming body and muscle ache. If you experience any of these symptoms within 3 months of a travelling to a country where malaria occurs then you should contact your doctor urgently; diagnosis is quick and easy with a simple blood test. If you are diagnosed and treated promptly you should make a full recovery. If, however, you delay seeking help, malaria can be difficult to treat and you may become seriously ill.

Malaria prevention

You can prevent malaria in four, easy steps. The A, B, C, D of malaria prevention is easy to remember:

Awareness of the risk

Bite prevention (particularly at night time by use of repellent or nets)

Chemoprophylaxis (use of appropriate malaria prevention tablets)

Diagnosis (prompt diagnosis and treatment)


For more details on malaria see Advisory Committee on Malaria Prevention (ACMP) Guidelines

Yellow Fever                                   

Yellow fever risk and  vaccine certificate requirements for China

You are not at risk of yellow fever in all areas of China but there are certificate requirements

Vaccine certificate requirements for China

Under International Health Regulations,  a yellow fever vaccine certificate is  required for all travellers above the age of 9 months arriving from  countries with a risk of yellow fever

For more information, take a look at the World Health Organisation list of countries with risk of yellow fever

Additional travel health advice and risks for China

Air pollution is a major problem in the big cities particularly Bejing. If you are very young, elderly or are a traveller with an existing medical condition such as asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease you are most vulnerable. If you are at risk, you should avoid outdoor activity during busy periods. Find out more about the Air Quality Index of major cities here

 You may also be at risk of other conditions such as dengue fever, schistosomiasis and  tick borne encephalitis in some parts of the country. Please contact us to discuss further.


China General information

  • China is an incredibly diverse and vast country in East Asia. An ancient society which for thousands of years stood as a leading civilisation, outpacing the rest of the world in the arts and sciences. Despite some recession in the 19th century, huge economic growth in the last 50 years has seen China transform as a country.
  • Being the one of the world’s richest countries, geographically and culturally, tourists now regularly flock to incredible historical sites such as the Forbidden City and the Great Wall of China, one of the seven wonders of the world. The bustling cities of Bejing and Hong Kong also create new, urban attractions in the rapidly changing, dynamic landscape of China.
  • For advice on safety and security concerns please check the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) website for China