Vaccination expert calls for urgent flu vaccination for children to prevent outbreaks and unnecessary deaths in children

Press Release: Travel Klinix, Coventry 7th January 2020

Dr Ravi Gowda, a leading vaccination expert is urging parents to get their kids vaccinated this winter following the early rise of flu cases and delays in vaccine production by manufacturers. There have already been 34 school outbreaks of respiratory illness in just  one week in December according to Public Health England’s weekly national influenza report1. The report also concludes that only 43% of school kids have received the  flu vaccination this year.

More than 7 million eligible children and adults missed out last year. As respiratory illnesses were the commonest reason for A+E attendances in over 65s in December 2018, NHS bosses fear that this year’s flu season may put further pressure on UK’s already stretched, frontline health services2

Dr Gowda, Consultant in Infectious Diseases and Director of the vaccination clinic, Travel Klinix, in Coventry, says, “Flu can make you seriously ill, particularly if you are elderly or have an underlying medical illness. You may also develop complications such as pneumonia or sepsis which may require in intensive care support. Sadly 13 children in the UK died unnecessarily during the 2018-19 flu season because most of them were not vaccinated3.

Children are seen as ‘superpreaders’  because of their large numbers in close proximity to each other. They are therefore very effective at transmitting flu to vulnerable individuals particularly the elderly.”

The vaccine manufacturing delays have now resolved and parents with children aged 2-3yrs, in primary school or who have long term health conditions should be able to access the free vaccine through their GP or school.

Dr Gowda added, “ Kids can have the nasal flu vaccine which is quick, simple and pain free, so anxious parents and children need not worry!”

Parents whose children who are not eligible for a free vaccine can still obtain it through private vaccination clinics.

Take a look at this video to see how the nasal flu vaccine is actually given.




Dr Ravi Gowda

Consultant in Infectious Diseases and Director

Travel Klinix, Coventry

Tel: 02476 016519, Mobile: 07970 966340 (Dr Gowda)


Dr Gowda administering a nasal flu vaccine to a 12 yr old girl

Dr Gowda administering the nasal flu vaccine

A live demonstration showing how to administer the nasal flu vaccine to a child can also be undertaken if required.