Students and independent travellers

Student travellers are becoming more and more adventurous. 33,000 students deferred their studies in 2011 representing an 18% increase since 2004; Tibet and Indonesia were in the top 5 destinations. Worldwide travel to Africa, Asia and the Far East is also expected to double in the next decade. Much of this travel is undertaken independently, often backpacking on overland trails. Interestingly many free-spirited older people are also travelling off the beaten track in recent years.

Whatever your age or however complex your itinerary is we are able to make a detailed travel risk assessment and can advise you accordingly. Our holistic approach also ensures we provide  general information and tips such as road safety advice, as well as supplying essential travel accessories.

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Prepare for your perfect trip with Travel Klinix

Before travel abroad, PLEASE NOTE:

If you are travelling abroad please download and fill in our risk assessment form and bring it with you to your travel clinic appointment.

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