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Post travel screening and consultation

Unwell after your return? We offer services including screening tests to rule out tropical infections. Alternatively, you may wish to  have a screen to rule out infections even if you feel well. Our expertise and knowledge ensures that only the appropriate tests are requested. These include…

  • Blood tests for malaria parasites and other parasitic infections such as schistosomiasis and strongyloides.
  • Stool and urine tests for parasites.
  • CT, MRI and ultrasound imaging through our partners.
  • Screening blood test for TB exposure.

This list is not exhaustive and we are able to perform many more tests or services depending on the symptoms. Just ask!

Please be aware that if your symptoms are complex then you will require a consultation with the infectious diseases specialist, Dr Ravi Gowda (see below) This will require a consultation fee before any tests. More information on consultation fees

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We offer a wide range of other services

Post travel consultation of the ill returning traveller
If you become ill after your return from the abroad and require an expert opinion then you will need to book an appointment with Dr Ravi Gowda for further evaluation. Dr Gowda has specialist training in Infectious Diseases and General Internal Medicine read more

A consultation with Dr Gowda has separate fees view prices