Going on a school trip to a far flung country? Excited? But are you travelling safely?

Teenager with a backpack on a school trip

Teenager on a School Trip

It’s about this time of the year when school teachers starting planning your exciting school trip in the summer. These days it’s often to exotic destinations. You may do lots of exciting activities like trekking or climbing mountains or even help build a school in Africa. Or perhaps you might end up in the middle of a rainforest on a conservation trip  You will most definitely do some sight-seeing in the cities… but do the local dogs carry nasty diseases?

 Once you have done all this you might want to just chill out on a beach. Even this seemingly innocuous activity is not without risk.

So how do you protect yourself? Where do you start?  Do you ask your family doctor? Do you feel completely overwhelmed?

Fret not! Travel Klinix can guide you through the whole process smoothly and efficiently.

Risk assessment – Individual risks

First and foremost, we look at the risks of you as the individual. We need to look at your own medical conditions. So for example, if you have a weakened immune system it may be dangerous for you to receive the yellow fever vaccine. Or if you are taking medications then you might not be able to have some types of malaria tablets.

Risk assessment – Destination risks

Then we look at the risks of your destination. Firstly there are general risks.  Eating and drinking safely can you protect you from infections such as typhoid, cholera and hepatitis A. If you can’t wash it, peel it or cook it yourself then don’t eat it!

….And mosquitoes spread life threatening diseases such malaria, yellow fever and Dengue.

The country you are visiting may have specific risks such as rabies. Did you know that bats, cats, and even monkeys carry rabies. It’s not just dogs. For Africa and South America you may well need to protect yourself from yellow fever, a deadly disease where there is a 50% chance of dying but there is absolutely no treatment. You can, however, protect yourself with a simple but effective vaccine.

Group of teenagers for a school trip

Group of teenagers preparing for a school trip

So if you are going away abroad and you are anxious about the whole thing then Travel Klinix can help you navigate through this maze of uncertainty and help you travel safely. What you need is tailored advice specific to you as an individual and your destination. We are more than happy to conduct a free educational seminar for your school group. If you would like to chat to us then call 02476 016519 or email us at info@travelklinix.com. You can also book online