Coronavirus PCR testing – Self-test instructions

Self-test instructions for taking a combined throat and nose swab for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Please note  that you should only swab another individual if you have already been exposed to them. This is usually someone you live with, for example, your child. You MUST NOT test anyone whose has not been a contact.

What’s in the Coronavirus  COVID 19 testing kit

1 x testing swab

1 x Plastic bag

1 x Request form

1 x Plastic mail envelope


 a picture of the contents of a coronavirus pcr test kit

Coronavirus PCR testing kit contents

 Combined throat and nose swab collection. Watch the video 

  1. First complete the request form with your full name, date of birth, gender and date of the sample. You do not need to complete any other part of the form.
  2. Wash your hands with soap and warm water.
  3. Open the swab container and swab the the back of the throat.  Use a mirror to guide you. Make sure the end of the swab does not touch any other surface and that the swab is firmly rotated five times. It is common that you may gag a little but this is a normal reflex.
  4. Then, with the same swab, insert it into one of the nostrils.  Ensure that you place the swab HORIZONTALLY ( not upwards) and approximately 1 inch (2.5cm ) into the nostril
  5. Rotate the swab five times while in the nasal cavity.
  6. Put swab into the swab container and immediately label the swab with your full name, date of birth and the date of the sample
  7. The details on the swab MUST MATCH the details on the request form, otherwise the sample will NOT BE PROCESSED
  8. You may sometimes see blood at the end of the swab which is nothing to worry about.
  9. Next place the swab container in the plastic bag.
  10. You can then place the plastic bag containing the swab and request form into the mail envelope. You  must then post the envelope without any further delay.
  11. Finally wash your hands thoroughly again.

We recommend  you obtain a certificate of posting as proof.

If you have any further questions, please call 02476 016 519  or email