Coronavirus antibody testing (COVID-19) available at Travel Klinix

We can offer you Coronavirus Antibody testing in our clinic

Cost only £95

Coronavirus Antibody testing COVID-19 

With  more than 7 million cases of Coronavirus ( COVID-19) and more than 400,000  deaths, many of us may have already had the infection without knowing it.  If you have had the  infection, coronavirus antibody testing may help. Whilst there is still considerable debate in the scientific community, developing coronavirus antibodies is thought to offer you some protection  from further infection.  

With the easing of the restrictions in the UK, you may now be getting back to work, school, university  or travelling. But have you already been infected without realising it? We can easily check this by offering  you coronavirus antibody testing. Knowing your coronavirus antibody  status might help you and your employer evaluate risk in the workplace

Our Coronavirus Antibody COVID-19 test has been tested  and validated by Public Health England and is processed by a UKAS accredited laboratory. The results will be interpreted by a consultant in Infectious Diseases so you can therefore be re-assured of the quality of the test and its expert interpretation.

Our Coronavirus Antibody test has a specificity of 99.6% and a sensitivity of 100%. Please be aware , however, that no test is 100% accurate and not everyone who has had Coronavirus infection develops antibodies. It is also very important that you continue to practise social distancing and wear appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) even if you have antibodies

Results are available the following day for travel purposes. This can be expedited by requesting  special delivery at additional cost. See our FAQs for further information

How it works

You can  book online  or call 02476 016519  for an appointment with our nurse. We will take a simple blood test ( whilst wearing PPE)  and send the sample to our lab. Samples are processed daily and there is a quick turnaround. Once completed, our consultant will review the results which then be emailed, posted or collected in person.