Coronavirus Antibody Testing – Frequently asked questions

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What kind of Coronavirus Antibody test is this?

This is an IgG coronavirus antibody test from a blood sample taken at the clinic. This should only be taken at least 14 days after symptom onset.

Will it tell me if I have had the infection before?

Yes. This is the main purpose of the test. If your symptoms started less than 14 days ago then this test may not detect antibodies.

Can I tell if  I have an infection now with this test?

No. For this you will need our Coronavirus PCR test

How can I get the coronavirus antibody testing?

You can either call 02476 016519 or book online for an appointment. Please be aware we are currently open only limited hours

Where is the test done?

This is usually done at our clinic in Coventry. We are centrally based, easy to get to and have free parking. If you are an organisation and would like to discuss the possibility of testing a large group,  we can potentially attend your workplace.

How much does the test cost?

A lot less than other providers. We are only charging £59 per test

Why is the cost of your Coronavirus Antibody testing so low?

We feel that this test should be accessible and affordable to as many people as possible. For this reason, we have kept the cost low  and are offering it as a service to the community

How accurate is the test?

The Travel Klinix Coronavirus Antibody test has been evaluated by Public Health England  and used by the NHS. Our blood samples are also analysed by a UKAS accredited laboratory. Finally, the tests are interpreted by a Consultant in Infectious Diseases, so you know you under the care of an expert.

Our Coronavirus Antibody test has a specificity of 99.6% and a sensitivity of 100%. Please be aware , however, that no test is 100% accurate and not everyone who has had Coronavirus infection develops antibodies. It is also very important that you continue to practise social distancing and wear appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) even if you have antibodies

How quickly can I get the result?

It usually takes 2 working days for the laboratory to receive the sample and then a further 1-2 working days for the results

Will I get proof of the results?

We are happy to send you a copy of the result