Aussie Flu: Brace yourself for one of the worst flu seasons in recent history

7th January 2020

What’s the problem this year?

Australia has had a particularly bad flu season. Their season spans from June to September with the peak in August. This year it started early and was quite prolonged. There have been more than 270,000 laboratory confirmed cases this year which has exceeded the severe season in 2017 when there were 222,000 confirmed cases. Aussie flu has arrived in the UK.

Experts believe only about 10% of all cases are actually confirmed so this could just be the tip of the ice-berg.

What’s the story so far in the UK?

Initial data from the weekly influenza report from Public Health England also suggests an early start with cases appearing in hospitals way back in October 2019. In one week alone before Christmas, 34 schools suffered outbreaks of respiratory illness. Delays in vaccine manufacturers and only a 43% uptake in children may well have contributed to this.

Last year respiratory illnesses accounted for 75% of all A+E attendances in the over 65s, so frontline NHS staff are bracing themselves for a massive flu season this winter.

Why is flu so important?

Well, it can make seriously ill. You might end up with pneumonia or even sepsis and be admitted to intensive care. Sadly 13 children in the UK died last year simply because they did not receive the flu vaccine.

Dr Gowda administering a nasal flu vaccine to a 12 yr old girl

Dr Gowda administering the nasal flu vaccine

What are the symptoms?

Flu is not just a cold. You might experience an abrupt onset of high fever of more than 38c, severe body ache, cough, headache and runny nose. You will usually be too till to go to work or attend school. If you experience these symptoms, you are better off staying at home so that you do not spread flu to those who might be vulnerable such as the elderly or anyone with long term health problems.

How is flu treated?

Usually bedrest, paracetamol and plenty of fluids is all you need. Some may need antivirals such as oseltamavir (Tamiflu) and this may shorten the illness.

How can I prevent flu?

Easy! Get the flu jab! It is still not too late and Travel Klinix can offer the injection for adults and the pain free nasal flu vaccine for children aged 2-17yrs

A flu jab is straightforward, has few side effects but is very effective

Flu vaccination

If you would like to know how the nasal flu is given then take a look at this video

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